WINNERS! The Good Design Awards

Headlokt has hit the ground running in the few weeks that have passed since we officially launched. Our brag-worthy ‘world first’ bike helmet lock status has just received a notable update to ‘award-winning, world first’ bike helmet lock

It’s quite a mouthful, but it’s one we’re exceptionally proud of. The Good Design Awards, awarded our breakthrough product first place on the podium for excellence in design and innovation earlier this month. Naturally, an award of such prestige attracts a high volume of entrants from across the country, so you can imagine how proud we are to be recognised for Headlokt. 

“We are thrilled to be recognised in Australia’s peak international design awards only weeks after officially launching the world’s first helmet that also functions as a secure lock. With the help of our award-winning industrial designer, Cobalt Design, we have meticulously crafted a world-first product that keeps both heads and bikes safe, combining safety, style and security in one. This accolade is a testament to our dedication to designing a helmet for all ages that meets the highest safety standards and incorporates functional, problem-solving solutions for everyday riders.” – Lisa Cotton, Founder of Headlokt.

Such an accolade would have never been possible to achieve, if not for the excellence of Cobalt Design, an award-winning industrial design agency who was responsible for bringing our vision to life. Their expertise and passion have played a pivotal role in crafting a product that not only meets safety standards but also addresses the everyday needs of riders - the Headlokt helmet. 

Developing Headlokt: The Process

When we began this process, we knew it was going to be a challenge. Creating a first of its kind product meant there was no blueprint to follow. 

We knew we wanted to add a retractable combination lock, uphold stringent international safety standards and add a space for a trackable AirTag without adding any unnecessary weight, and compromising on safety. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Cobalt Design managed to nail the brief, delivering a product that was better than we could have ever possibly imagined. 

The final product, refined and redefined after many iterations, proudly features a secure three digit combination lock, durable plastic-coated stainless steel cable for safe and smooth use, EPS foam lining for crash protection, trackable AirTag slot, rear dial for precise adjustments on the head, 10 vents to channel air through the helmet and reflective decals for greater visibility. 

Jam packed with features and benefits - with all this in mind, we’ve managed to only add an additional 97 grams of weight to the helmet, so it’s not only safe - but lightweight and comfortable. That’s the same as riding around with the weight of just a kiwi fruit on your head! 

We’ve also taken into consideration adjustable and easy-to-use sizing - Headlokt helmets are available in Headlokt Black and Headlokt White. Suitable for the whole family, our helmets are available in small, medium or large. We’ve considered comfort at every touchpoint - our helmets feature an adjustable rear dial, so you can customise the fit based on what’s comfortable for every user.

To learn more about Headlokt and experience our award-winning bike helmet lock read more here. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to make cycling safer and more enjoyable for riders everywhere.