It all started with a few sketches...

Many thefts are opportunistic – we recognised a basic deterrent-level lock would be appropriate for many situations, i.e. preventing a passer-by to be able to simply grab the bike or scooter and ride off. So design work began with investigation into how to achieve a suitable deterrent-level lock without compromising the helmet’s comfort or protection. We agreed the best solution would be a flexible cable lock, with a spring-loaded mechanism positioned in the rear of the helmet to retract the cable with ease for the user.

After deep review and study of the requirements and testing procedures of leading helmet safety standards around the world (e.g. ASNZS 2063, CPSC16CFR1203, EN1078), we set about the inclusion of critical components, materials and dimensional details. These are all necessary for effective impact protection, safety and compliance to the various helmet standards.

As part of this, we needed significant development to reduce/position the weight and bulk of the lock’s mechanical components to achieve a safe, comfortable and cohesive helmet design.

Working closely with a leading lock manufacturer, Sinox Company, we designed a robust solution for all users - children, commuters and urban riders and those of varying abilities; ensuring it is easy to use and fit for purpose.

Design features:

  • A combination lock means no keys are required.
  • Simple mechanical operation – no batteries to change or charge - no apps to download. Simply take-off, pull-out and lock.
  • High tensile 65cm stainless-steel cable is suitably resilient to deter opportunistic thieves. But is narrow, flexible and long enough to thread through/around a variety of different equipment and applications e.g. bikes, scooter wheels, skateboard axles etc.
  • A hard wearing retractable cable and mechanism to deal with everyday bumps and drops, while also compact and lightweight when worn on the head.
  • Clever engineering and development concealing the lock components without compromising the required thickness of shock-absorption EPS foam liner insulating all sides of the lock - hence the helmet still provides excellent protection to the lower-rear head area (occipital lobe.)
  • Incorporation of a fully integrated holder for a bluetooth tracker (tracker not included.) This allows owners to keep track of their helmet or family.  
  • Functionally and aesthetically, the design builds on the successful shape and style of traditional skate helmets – yet with a subtle, flowing surface incorporating the lock component. To build brand awareness, Headlokt graphic elements have been integrated into the helmet’s details e.g. buttons, vent shapes, dial adjuster and foam liner.



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