How the First Helmet-Lock Came to Be

True innovation often emerges from times of need - Headlokt’s founder Lisa Cotton’s story is no exception.

The year 2020 was a challenging one for many, marked by a global pandemic of an unfathomable scale. Lisa’s home city of Melbourne fell on particularly hard times, facing one of the toughest sets of social restrictions in the world.

In the thick of Melbourne’s first extended lockdown, Lisa and her kids used the limited time they were allowed outside to take daily bike rides to the park for some much-needed fresh air and exercise.

It was on a regular supermarket trip to pick up dinner for the family, that Lisa realised she’d forgotten her crucial bike lock. Wondering how to secure her bike safely, she realised she wasn’t alone. A fellow cyclist seemed to be facing the same predicament. Sparking up a conversation, Lisa queried if she might have a solution -
“I tie my helmet strap through the spoke of the wheel and it acts as a deterrent,” the cyclist said.

Lisa thought - for a modern world that is increasingly getting around by bike, there’s got to be a better solution than that!

On the return ride home, Lisa’s mind was buzzing - surely there’s a smart solution to this common problem. She racked her mind with ideas and possibilities - lo and behold, by the time Lisa arrived home she had fully brainstormed the concept of a bike helmet that would double as a lock - thus, Headlokt was born! The potential was clear, no more forgetting bike locks, and no more lugging around a helmet with you. 

“Never again would I forget my lock! And I also wouldn’t have to carry my helmet around the shop.” - Lisa Cotton, Founder of Headlokt.

And so her journey to developing Headlokt began, bringing a world-first concept to life with zero  background in industrial or product design - in Lisa’s words, “what a ride it’s been.”

Part of the process meant collaborating with award-winning industrial designers and exceptional manufacturers and lock producers. Many revisions of the first Headlokt helmet were sampled, revised and refined before finally landing on the version that you see today. 

Taking the time to get it right, Lisa and the Headlokt team are proud to pioneer the first bike helmet that doubles as a lock. Achieving national and international safety standard certification, Headlokt is an innovative leader in a field of its own, exceptional in design and aesthetic.

Today, Headlokt stands for a new standard in bike safety and convenience. It is the manifestation of a seemingly simple idea with an equally simple solution - here to look after what matters most.

It is Headlokt’s mission to revolutionise both the safety and convenience of riders all over the world, and we’re so happy to have you along for the ride. 

From challenging times, truly do come wonderful solutions. 

Headlokt is now available for pre-order. Take advantage of our pre-order promotion, and secure one of the very first Headlokt helmets at a discounted price available for a limited time only.


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