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Lisa Cotton Headlokt Good Design Award

Revolutionizing Bike Helmet Technology

Headlokt is thrilled to be recognised by Australia's International Good Design Awards for Excellence in Design and Innovation. 

At the awards event on September 8 2023, Headlokt - the word's first helmet that is also a lock - received a prestigious Good Design Award Winner Accolade in the Product Design category for outstanding design and innovation. 

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional helmet design has been recognized by industry experts, affirming our dedication to creating products that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Headlokt is not just a helmet; it's a symbol of cutting-edge design, setting new standards in the world of cycling gear.

Headlokt Sinox Stainless Steel Cable Bike Lock

Headlokt is not just a bike helmet; it's an innovative solution that combines a helmet with a lock, setting new standards for safety and security. Crafted by award-winning Industrial Designers and Engineers in Australia, our helmets feature a secure combination lock and a durable 65cm plastic-coated stainless steel cable, making it an ideal choice for cyclists of all ages. The innovative design seamlessly integrates a lock into the helmet, ensuring convenience and security, and Headlokt stands out as a versatile solution for those seeking both a bike helmet and lock.

Committed to meeting A/NZ helmet safety standards, Headlokt helmets also boast a thick EPS liner throughout for enhanced comfort and protection. With hard-wearing components designed to withstand everyday use, Headlokt is the go-to choice for daily commuters and cycling enthusiasts alike. The revolutionary integration of a lock into the helmet makes Headlokt a unique and reliable companion for cyclists, ensuring that your biking adventures are not only safe but also secure.

Elevating Comfort and Visibility

With 10 strategically placed vents, our design ensures optimal airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable during your rides. The integrated dial adds a personalized touch, allowing for precise adjustments to fit individual head sizes perfectly. Headlokt's commitment to comfort extends beyond ventilation and fit – the lightweight design, combined with the integrated lock, ensures a snug and comfortable feel on the head. The seamless integration of a lock into the helmet not only provides security but also maintains the overall comfort of the headgear, creating a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

Moreover, Headlokt goes the extra mile to enhance safety and convenience. The discreetly integrated holder for a Bluetooth tracking device is a testament to our dedication to modern cycling needs. This feature allows users to seamlessly store a Bluetooth tracker, ensuring the helmet's location can be monitored effortlessly. Reflective decals further contribute to safety by enhancing visibility, making Headlokt the all-in-one solution for cyclists who prioritize comfort, security, and visibility on the road. With Headlokt, we keep you together – comfortable, secure, and visible – ensuring that every ride is an enjoyable and safe experience.


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"Brilliant idea. Incredible product."

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"Such a smart product! Highly recommended"

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