Meet the Revolutionary
Bike Helmet

Headlokt - Keeping the important stuff safe.

Featuring a secure combination lock, a durable plastic-coated stainless steel cable for easy use by all ages and tested to meet global safety standards - to keep heads protected and bikes secure.

Award-winning Helmet Innovation

Developed by Sinox and Cobalt Design, Headlokt embodies excellence in both form and function, proudly receiving recognition from various prestigious design awards.

With Headlokt, you're not just protecting your head, you're securing your ride against opportunistic thief.

Setting New Bike Helmet Lock Standards

Our aim is to provide a convenient bike lock solution that secures your gear.

Headlokt Bike Helmet Sinox Cable Lock Testing

Innovating Bike Security

We've engineered a reliable stainless-steel cable that is resilient against cutting with regular pliers.

Elevating Comfort and Safety

Our vision is to provide every member of the family with both protection and satisfaction, transforming each ride into a liberating journey filled with unparalleled peace of mind.

Headlokt Bluetooth Tracking Device

Integrated Bluetooth Tracker Holder

Our mission is to empower every person equipped with Headlokt to embark on rides filled with effortless connectivity, not only with their bike and helmet but, most importantly, with their loved ones.

Secure Your Ride & Mind in One Swift Move with Headlokt.
Protecting you and your bike has never been this easy and stylish.

Curious to hear what our customers are saying?

Short but Sweet

"Brilliant idea. Incredible product."

— Emma L.

Apt Review

"Such a smart product! Highly recommended"

— Louise K.

Fellow Disruptor

"We are loving your helmet."

— Fold Smith

Behind the Details

Proud to have worked on such a unique idea!

— Cobalt Design