Gear Up The Wishlist | Headlokt’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to get the wishlist into gear. For the pedaler, skater or rollerblader, (or perhaps just some personal retail therapy) the team at Headlokt have curated a list of ideas that’ll suit every level of interest and budget. What’s more, we’ve exclusively found gifts from fellow independent businesses doing cool things we love. Read on to discover our edit of Christmas gift ideas that will spread joy and show your loved ones you care.

 For the Juniors:

Headlokt Junior: Ingrain a sense of road and personal safety in our littlest riders from the start. Did you know we have Headlokt cycling helmets specifically designed for kids? Complete with all the features adults love, we’ve adapted the same award-winning cycling helmet for younger heads. The good news is, our adjustable size at the rear allows for the helmet to grow and expand alongside your child, so you’ll get plenty of years of use before they grow out of it.

Novelty Bell: Bells so fun, you’ll want one too! Fit for a bike, trike or scooter, make your little firecracker’s presence known with a joyful bell - brrriinnng-brrriinnng. Designed to accommodate little thumbs and fingers, these bells by Beep Bells are easy to push, perfect for those just starting out on their riding journey. Available in an assortment of colourful graphics and designs, it’s a great budget-friendly gift that will personalise their set of wheels. 

Kid Proof Drink Bottle: From a health and safety perspective, staying hydrated while out on a ride is no joke - it’s just as important as wearing your helmet. The team at Pelli have created a 350ml water bottle that “passes the toddler test and then some”. We love that this bottle is crack proof, double insulated and made with BPA free materials. For a bottle that will endure the wrath of tiny fingers, look no further. 

For the Teens:

Headlokt Medium: Did you know our medium sized helmet is geared towards both teens and adults? As teens come to enjoy more independence and autonomy, you can’t always be there to make sure their belongings are kept safe. Give the gift of safety, knowing that their head is securely strapped in, and their wheels are lockable. What’s more, is that they can keep track of their Headlokt helmet at all times, with the use of our discreet Bluetooth tracking device slot. Never lose a helmet ever again!

Bravery Bandages and Bandaids: Accidents happen! Grazed knees and hands are an unavoidable part of getting out in nature. Get your teen back on their feet (and on their wheels) sooner with Welly’s bandages and bandaids. A major update from the brown plasters and bandages, Welly’s ones come in a variety of patterns and colours, so they can wear their boo boo with pride. Grab a family sized box that’ll see them through to adulthood. 

Smoothie Sachets: An idea so clever, yet so simple. A Live Welly smoothie sachet contains nothing but 100% dried fruit and vegetable powder, using high quality ingredients grown here in Australia. Designed to be added to a bottle of water, it’s a great refueling option for those weekend days out on the road, or the skatepark. All you need to do is pour the contents of the sachet into a bottle of water, give it a shake, and Bob’s your uncle! You’ve got a super delicious and nutritious refueling option you take with you on the go. 

For the Adults: 

Headlokt Large: You guessed it, our largest Headlokt helmet is the perfect gift for the new parent, corporate commuter or leisure rider in your life. With humble brags, like ‘award winning’, ‘world first’ and ‘multipurpose helmet’ firmly under our belt, we’re sure this is a gift that’s going to wow. Bonus point if your recipient is into tech, they’ll love that this helmet and lock combo is the first of its kind in the world. Enjoy one less thing to think about, and never leave the house without your lock again. 

Bike Wall Mounts: Stylishly integrate your bike into the home with a bike wall mount. Ideal for those with a limited square footage, a wall mount allows for a more efficient use of space, reducing the need to store your bike outside or in public spaces. The team at Parax have created a beautiful line of wall mounts that feature your bike like a piece of art on display. We especially love the designs which feature a small shelf, as you can keep all your riding essentials in one place. 

Bike Bag: A thoughtful gift which allows your rider to comfortably and safely stow away from tools, tubes and snacks (essential). The Bike Bag by Topo Designs is our pick, is versatile enough to attach to the front handlebars of most bikes, or can be worn on the body. Crafted from weatherproof materials, this bag puts up a resilient fight against the elements, keeping the important stuff safe.


So there you have it, a comprehensive Christmas gifting list for all of the riders in your life.

If you’re thinking of buying a Headlokt helmet for someone special, we encourage you to make the most of our special introductory family bundle offer. Designed to suit kids and families, we’ve made it easier (and more affordable) to purchase more than one Headlokt helmet at a time - perfect for Christmas gifting.

Pricing is applied on orders of multiple helmets: buy 2 helmets and save $19, buy 3 helmets and save $38, buy 4 helmets and save $57. Bundle discounts are applied automatically at checkout.


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