Our Story

by Headlokt founder, Lisa Cotton

A Quest for a Safer, Smarter Adventure

The Headlokt Journey Unveiled

Amid the challenges of Melbourne's initial lockdown, I sought comfort in daily bike rides with my four kids, creating a semblance of routine in the face of restrictions. Opting for my bike instead of the car even for grocery runs, I embarked on a journey that would lead to an innovative solution. Picture this – a day at the shops, a forgotten bike lock, and a fellow cyclist in the same predicament. As we shared impromptu solutions involving helmet straps and spoke wheels, I couldn't shake the feeling that there had to be a better way.

Pedaling home, a fully formed idea began to take shape in my mind – a helmet that doubled as a lock. No more forgetting locks or awkwardly carrying helmets around shops! The concept was born out of my passion to make a difference, despite lacking a background in design. The journey unfolded with meetings with incredible mentors, collaboration with industrial designers, and navigating safety standards. Today, I'm incredibly proud to introduce Headlokt – a smart, stylish, and practical helmet that not only meets safety standards but also revolutionizes bike security as the world's first helmet that's also a lock. I hope you find in Headlokt the same passion and innovation that has fueled this transformative journey.

Headlokt - The first helmet that's also a lock!